Frequently Asked Questions


What is CBC Corner?

CBC Corner is a digital space, created especially for library customers, that brings together the wide variety of CBC and Radio-Canada content and resources into a single experience.

What type of content can I consume via CBC Corner?

With trusted news, local stories and radio shows, entertaining TV shows, documentaries, movies, award-winning podcasts, educational kids content, latest sports headlines, a free language learning app to refine English and French skills and much more, CBC Corner has something for everyone and every taste!

Does my library have the rights to play content featured on CBC Corner as part of a library programming or a screening event? 

The content featured on CBC Corner is intended for personal and noncommercial use only. Library programming and screening events are considered a public performance and require a separate paid license, subject to availability. If you wish to inquire about the availability of a public performance license, please submit a request .

Is CBC Corner offered in different languages?

In addition to English, CBC Corner also allows visitors to explore the wide variety of audio, video, articles and resources in French via L’espace Radio-Canada. 

CBC Corner and L’espace Radio-Canada also includes news articles from RCI, a daily multilingual service that allows you to explore, understand and gain perspective on Canadian society in 7 languages, including Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Arabic, Spanish, English and French. 

Who can use CBC Corner?

Any library in Canada that is interested in offering an additional resource to its customers can add CBC Corner to their website.

From coast-to-coast-to coast, anyone in Canada can access CBC Corner. 

How much is CBC Corner?

CBC Corner is completely free, allowing everyone in Canada to access and discover the full breadth of CBC and Radio-Canada content.

My library is not a partner of CBC Corner, how can they add it to their website?

CBC Corner can be added to any public library website in Canada regardless of its location and its size. You can let your library know about CBC Corner and suggest they contact us via this page.